Alaska Airlines Credit Card

Alaska Airlines decided to partner with Visa Corporation and together they have brought about the Alaska Airlines Credit Card. They promote their deal of getting 25,000 bonus points whenever you sign up for your very own Alaska Airlines Credit Card. You can then use your bonus points on many of their different redemption options for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card. This is a pretty great card actually and we really expect that you will likely need a really nice credit score to boot in order to be able to apply for this card. Unfortunately, only those who are brand new to the Alaska Airlines Credit Card will be able to apply and receive the bonus. There have been other people who have been complaining online because they were cardholders for such a long time that they have not received the sign up bonus as it is now with the newer version of the Alaska Airlines Credit Card. Perhaps they will come up with something to be able to appease their customers that have been with them long enough to not have been able to experience their points bonus.

Big spenders that use their cards heavily on tickets with Alaska Airlines, vacations, cargo, and in-flight purchases will benefit greatly. When you make those purchases with your Alaska Airlines Credit Card, you will be earning 3 trip miles to your account for every dollar that you have spent. You will be happy to know that there happens to be no limit to how many miles you will be able to collect within your Alaska Airlines Credit Card account. Also, they don't force you to only fly Alaska Airlines with your collected miles. They have their list of airline partners that you can use in order to make your airline ticket purchases. Even though they do have an annual fee, they do have a pretty decent APR for those that have a decent credit rating at least. They also allow you to gain an additional mile for every dollar that you use your Alaska Airlines Credit Card for purchases outside of the Alaska Airlines business. We can't forget that one of the great things also that they offer is an annual companion ticket fare so that at least one of your trips you can take someone with you and they will not have to pay for it. Call it you buy one get one free of the year.

While the Alaska Airlines Credit Card may not be the best offering available within the airline industry, if you live in Alaska, flying the Alaska Airlines is probably the most economical choice at least for domestic flights. We do understand though that in order to experience the most benefit from the Alaska Airlines Credit Card the person will need to be one Alaska Airlines quite a bit or plans to start doing so. Anyone who doesn't fly Alaska Airlines and don't plan to in the near future will really have no use for having their own Alaska Airlines Credit Card.